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An Open Knicks Free Agency Thread

The major pieces have settled. What's next?

Andy Lyons

Good day! The Knicks have more or less wrapped up the top items on their free agency priority list. Pablo Prigioni and J.R. Smith will return. Chris Copeland will not. Andrea Bargnani is a Knick now? All of that will become official on Wednesday.

Unless something's brewing behind the scenes, the remaining moves to be made are small and simple, though numerous. There are either nine or ten Knicks currently under contract, depending on whether you count partially guaranteed camp invite C.J. Leslie as a sure thing. Thus, the Knicks have five or six spots to fill. They have $1.75 million of the mini MLE remaining to fill one of those spots. After that, they'll probably make a few guaranteed minimum signings, then leave a spot or two open for a promising Summer Leaguer/training camper.

Today could be quiet-- and I hope it is, because I'll be away from the computer for much of it-- but here are a few recent rumors. You can file these between the ongoing Elton Brand pursuit and the interest in sundry wings and point guards (this stream will help you catch up, and so will Jared Zwerling's article on what lies ahead).

- Zwerling says the Spurs are in "hot pursuit" of Kenyon Martin, who, it seems, won't get the Knicks' attention until they've gotten a firm "no" from Brand.

- Inadvertent Twitter teases aside, Sebastian Telfair remains just one of several guards in whom the Knicks have interest.

- Tall bro/former Kentucky benchfriend Eloy Vargas will join the Knicks in Las Vegas. Summer League is less than a week away, so we should see a full roster in the near future!

- If you must know the details of Chris Copeland's midwesterly flight, here they are. His agent makes it sound like he was close to returning, which kinda stings.

Anyway, here's your spot for free agency banter. I might not be around to post updates for a while, so feel free to pass things along if you see them. Have a lovely day.