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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Brand out for the Knicks, World Peace potentially interested

Still searching...


Jared Zwerling emptied out a whole sack of free agency rumors this afternoon, most of which can be found in his two most recent posts here and here. His Twitter's constantly updating with this stuff, too. Some things we learned from Zwerling's reporting today, plus a few more things:

- Elton Brand is probably headed elsewhere, perhaps for a bit more money than New York could offer. That could mean the Knicks settling on a Kenyon Martin return, but only, of course, he's willing to take what they can offer. New York has some other options, and Martin may, too.

- For additional point guard/wing options, Zwerling mentions a long list of remaining free agents as being on the Knicks' radar. A couple new ones: Josh Childress, Mickael Pietrus, Daniel Gibson, Charles Jenkins (who I like a lot), John Lucas III, and Nolan Smith. Most everyone else mentioned as having New York's attention is someone we'd heard about before. The pools be dwindling, but there are still options, and a lot of those options won't be willing to settle for minimum contracts until they're sure they can't do better. It's gonna take some time.

- Metta World Peace's friend told Zwerling that if World Peace does get amnestied (hasn't happened yet), he might retire if signed by any team outside a big market. This is perhaps just an effort to scare teams away from claiming him off waivers, but at least confirms our suspicion that he'd like to play in New York. It sure would be weird, but the Knicks could do a lot worse with minimum or near-minimum money.

- Iman Shumpert may only play the first three games of Summer League, Marc Berman hears. That's pretty normal for a guy not trying to prove anything with his Vegas play.

- I mentioned this in an update to the previous thread, but the Knicks are one of the teams interested in Brazilian big man/thumbs-upper Vitor Faverani. It sounds like the Celtics have had the closest contact.

Signings can be made official starting Wednesday. More as it comes!

Update: Throw Anthony Tolliver in there as well.


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