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This week in Knicks and the entertainment industry

Shump, Amar'e, Chandler...and Bieber.


We are well into the dead period of August and early September, when Knicks tend to dabble in other modes of entertainment. This is the time in the the NBA cycle in which Carmelo Anthony films Nurse Jackie cameos, in which Amar'e Stoudemire lands his first on-screen kiss with Ivana Humpalot, and, in the pre-blog days, in which Shandon Anderson gets Room-Raided (probably). On that note:

- Just a day after releasing a new track, Iman Shumpert joined in the response to that Kendrick Lamar verse everyone's freaking out over with yet another track called "Dear Kendrick":

Hey, he talked about Mike Woodson and the Knicks and stuff!

- Amar'e Stoudemire, along with Lance Bass and a bunch of people I've never heard of, is going to be a judge for the Miss America Pageant in mid-September.

- Here is a photo of Tyson Chandler hanging out with Kevin Durant, a shirtless Justin Bieber, and another guy. The "another guy" is the crucial cog here. Turns out he's Carl Lentz, trendy preacher at the trendy Hillsong Church in New York, a congregation attended at one point or another by all three gentlemen to his left (Chandler even went to the organization's conference in Australia). So that explains that.

So, not a bad showing so far for Knicks in the entertainment industry. Hanging out with Bieber was a great get, Tyson. We could still use something a bit splashier, and...well, I already know what that thing is. We need Pablo Prigioni on Girls. Pablo takes Jessa on a scooter trip around the Andes. It's time.