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Thursday Victoria's Riflebirds


Greg Schechter

Good morning! We are just about midway through August, which means we are halfway to September, which means it's almost time for training camp. Right? Just go with it. Here, anyway, are some links I've collected over the last few days:

- We've done a few species of birds-of-paradise-- the Australasian weirdos with the crazy mating dances you probably saw on Planet Earth-- for these links. The males of those species almost always have wild patterns and elaborate, dazzling dances, which is why I picked the Victoria's Riflebird today. These guys live live in Australia, they're not especially interesting-looking, and their mating dances look something like this ("heyyyyy, hooooooo, heyyyyyy, hoooooooo).

- Andrea Bargnani confirmed earlier this week that's he's come down with pneumonia. It's held him out of EuroBasket practice. That's not quite the Knicks' problem yet, though Mike Woodson did express some concern when speaking to reporters yesterday (Tyson Chandler's good, though!).

- More from Woodson's availability yesterday: He was unsurprisingly vague/uncertain when asked about his rotation plans. Even committing to something as obvious as Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Raymond Felton all starting was kinda surprising coming from Woody. For what it's worth, Alan Hahn seems convinced Woody'll go back to a two-point-guard starting lineup with Iman Shumpert at the three. We shall see. That's what training camp is for. Also, dice.

- Jared Zwerling spoke to a source who is plainly Earl Barron's agent, and the source who is plainly Earl Barron's agent suggested that Barron and the Knicks have mutual interest. Okay!

- Jim wrote up a great Pablo Prigioni report card, but dude, forget about that. Look at those comparables!

- Just my opinion, but regardless of height, Shump should only drive more if: 1. The lanes are there 2. His handle improves a lot. I'm fine with him shooting lots of open threes.

- I promise I'll stop harping on this, but look at Tim Hardaway Jr.'s answer to Jared Zwerling's question about the Knicks' new additions. You could not imagine an emptier answer. I don't know if he's following Knick orders or what, but that is some impressive banality.

- I don't really know what's going on here.

- Note that the beloved Mark Deeks has updated his Knicks salaries page. Hover over names for new stuff like the contract details of C.J. Leslie and Jeremy Tyler (different partial guarantee amounts, but no guarantee dates provided...) and the slightly weird situation of Beno Udrih's salary.

- Our friend Rodger Sherman sent me this BANGIN OTHELLA HARRINGTON/MIKE SWEETNEY MIX.

These are the links, babies. Have a great day. How could you not after seeing that video?