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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Knicks meeting with Hamed Haddadi

Stick around, Hamed.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks could use another big man, so they've been hunting for another big man. One of their reported targets is Hamed Haddadi, and now that he's concluded his MVP performance at the FIBA Asia Championships in the Philippines, he's in New York to meet with the Knicks:

There was also a workout, which makes sense, because just meeting a guy down and asking him how good he is at basketball would be insufficient.

I hope the Knicks sign Hamed Haddadi. I hope the Knicks sign Hamed Haddadi because he's huge, he can rebound, he can finish within four inches of the basket, and he can foul a whole lot, and that's an acceptable skill set for a utility big man/likely 15th guy on the roster. I also hope the Knicks sign Hamed Haddadi because Hamed Haddadi is very cool and fun to root for and I've heard tales of him emailing bloggers, and I want emails from Hamed Haddadi.

Please sign Hamed Haddadi, the Knicks.