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Raymond Felton provides some summertime insights

Hi, Ray!


It's been a quiet Knicks weekend, but Raymond Felton did some speakin' to reporters at consecutive weekend events (one for shoes, one for kids) and-- aside from returning bluster at Paul Pierce-- shed a bit of light on his summertime regimen and plans for the remaining weeks of the offseason.

In the SLAM interview from the Under Armour event, Felton addresses New York's offseason moves in detail and mentions concentrating more on conditioning and leadership than sharpening any one basketball skill. Regarding the conditioning:

(Update: full article)

Cool! At least as a Knick (don't talk to Blazers fans about this), Felton's been plenty speedy and effective at his normal playing weight, though his shooting percentages did drop a bit later in games (Run splits by quarter or half here.), which could have had something to do with conditioning. Shedding 15 pounds might be Felton's equivalent of Jamal Crawford adding "15 pounds of muscle" every offseason, but whatever. Exercise is good. It is good to be quick, strong, and energetic all at once. Ray gets a thumbs up if he managed to level up in any of those attributes.

Felton also noted that some of the Knicks will convene in Greenburgh to get in some pre-training camp reps, which is both typical and good.

Good. Good things. I like Raymond Felton. I like the Knicks. I like you. I hope you're having a good weekend. On that note, if someone wants to make a Breaking Bad Fanpost thread...I would be in favor of that.