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Knicks Organizational Events: Stoudemire to rest, front office shaken up just a little



As a follow-up to a typically weird late-summer free agency rumor round-up, here is a typically weird late-summer update on rumblings within the Knicks organization. Two things:

1. In a story already linked for other reasons, Marc Berman reports the Knicks and/or Amar'e Stoudemire have decided that Amar'e should forgo his plans to work with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer. It's unclear who drove that decision, but it sounds like the logic is the same logic that might put a cap on Amar'e's minutes this season: the Knicks don't want to overwork Amar'e's arthritic knees. Fair enough. Carmelo Anthony might still work with Olajuwon for a bit. Cool.

(Note that Olajuwon is going to work exclusively with the Rockets once the summer ends, so this shouldn't be a recurring thing anymore. Fine with me.)

2. Frank Isola reports that Knicks scout Scott McGuire is no longer a Knicks scout, and that his letting go may be the result of some political strife with scouting director Kristian Petesic. This is supposed to be important because Scott McGuire is Dick McGuire's son and legacies and stuff.

Isola says, there will also be some swapping of hats in the medical staff, because strength and conditioning coach Bill Burgos is departing for Orlando (not, as Isola goes out of his way to mention, because he is being blamed for all the Knicks' injuries. Okay!).

Those are some things that are happening in the world today. If you want to remake "We Didn't Start the Fire" with a Stoudemire/Scott McGuire rhyme, I'm not gonna stop you.

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