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Tuesday Green-Rumped Parrotlets



Hello, sweet babies. Please form an orderly single-file line so I can give you your links.

- I chose a parrotlet species (from the genus Forpus, speficially) today because I just met one of these guys at the pet store when I was buying food for Domingo. He was very friendly and weird. He sat on his owner's thumb while she made a purchase, then devoured about half the receipt while she talked to us. I like parrotlets.

- Zach Lowe really likes the Knicks' name. I don't even like it as much as he does (relative to the rest of the league), but I do like it for the same reasons he does. I value local relevance and unique charm waaaay more than I value any arbitrary fearsomeness.

- Iman Shumpert's new track.

- You've surely seen the J.R. Smith armored truck thing by now (here's a Fanpost about it). He says it isn't his. Whatever. It's a dumb car.

- On the other hand, this is definitely Pablo Prigioni's car and PABLO IS THE CHILLEST DAD OF ALL TIME.

- Iman Shumpert teachin' you moves! I...kinda wish he could pull this move off with a little more regularity in real games!

- Matt Moore feels a bit differently about the Knicks than I do, but we share a lot of enthusiasm for the slim chance of an Andrea Bargnani rebirth in New York. (Also: podcast!)

- You'll find a couple of Knicks in this huge FUTURE RANKINGS project SB Nation did.

- Still don't know what's going on here.

- Stephon Marbury's been having some fun at Frank Isola's expense on Twitter recently.

- Corey "Homicide" Williams mentions both Chris Copeland and JIM TODD in this interview about his life.

- Good job with the tickets, the Knicks!

- Al Trautwig: Mensch.

That's all! Have a lovely evening, friends.