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Thursday Sword-Billed Hummingbirds


Joseph C Boone

G'day, friends. I'm on the move this afternoon, but before I go, here are some links for you:

- I watched a great nature program about hummingbirds last night. I learned for the first time about these sword-billed bros whose bills are actually bigger than their whole bodies. This allows them to feed on flowers with reaaaalllly deep nectar-holes.

- Iman Shumpert played ping-pong with Mrs. Met and Serena Williams and some other people yesterday. He also gave a good follow-up to earlier comments about his passivity and waved off any concerns about James Dolan reportedly being pissed at him.

- Shump got interviewed about hair, luggage, and his girlfriend (Elle Varner, apparently).

- I have not seen Amar'e Stoudemire's full Wild 'N Out appearance, but now that I've seen the promo that preceded it, I don't think I'll seek it out.

- Carmelo Anthony's points per hip-hop mention.

- Cool Anthony Bonner feature.

- "J.R. Smith is a knucklehead, but he's our knucklehead".

- Speaking of J.R., he seems to have gotten a new tattoo on his knuckle, which must have been one of the few remaining empty spots. I like the tattoo.

- Baby J.R.?

- The Knicks issued a cease-and-desist to one t-shirt shop selling an unsavory appropriation of their logo.

Have a lovely afternoon! Watch out for thunder. There was thunder before.