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Andrea Bargnani should be ready for training camp

He's recovering from whatever was ailing him.


We heard recently that Andrea Bargnani would miss the entirety of the EuroBasket tournament because of pneumonia. While the first part remains true, Bargnani's Italian coach told Marc Berman that doctors over there believe the respiratory infection was something other than pneumonia. He also said this, which is foreboding and, given how Bargnani's NBA career to date has gone, appropriate:

"It’s crazy because its summer, like he’s jinxed,’’ Fioretti said.

More important for our purposes is the suggestion (from, again, his national team coach, not a doctor or Andrea himself) that Bargnani is at least somewhat recovered and should be ready for Knicks training camp (same link):

The good news for the Knicks is Fioretti said he expects Bargnani to be on time for training camp. The Knicks play in Toronto, against Bargnani’s former team, twice in the preseason.

"I know he feels better, so I can’t imagine him not being ready for October,’’ Fioretti said.

Of course, as we've discussed previously, being available for camp is one thing. Being in shape and in rhythm is another. Like, I've been recovering from a respiratory infection of my own, and even if I'm healthy enough to suit up, there's no way I'll be ready to compete in Knicks training camp by October.

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