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Saturday White Hawks


dominic sherony

Hello, good friends. I am happy to see you. I have some links for you if you'll just follow me into the link cellar. Watch your step!

- I had no idea white hawks were a thing until today. I was watching videos of a different bird I planned to feature for this post, then stumbled across Pseudastur albicollis. Weird to see a creature that looks like it'd blend in in the Arctic just hanging out in Central America.

- Rest in peace, Dean Meminger. Here's the Times obituary and a fine piece from Harvey Araton.

- However the specifics shake out, it sounds like we'll be having a lot of All-Star things around here over the next few years.

- Cool stuff in here about what Carmelo Anthony's been working on this summer. As always, I like the sound of him preparing to run more pick-and-roll, whether or not it'll actually manifest in games.

- Melo wins awards, has parties thrown in his honor.

- Sounds like Scott Machado might have come to camp with the Knicks if they hadn't added Beno Udrih.

- While we think of Paul Pierce as a Knick-killer, note that he-- on average-- really hasn't done anything special against New York. It's more of an end-of-the-game thing. He's had so many Knick-killing moments amid otherwise typical performances.

- Weird stuff with Amar'e Stoudemire and someone involved with his half-brother's imprisonment.

Those are the links. Have a splendid Saturday!