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Beno Udrih will skip EuroBasket, too

No Knicks in EuroBasket :(

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We learned last week that Andrea Bargnani was left off the Italian national roster for EuroBasket because of the lingering effects of whatever respiratory infection ailed him this past month. As it turns out, Bargnani isn't the only Knick missing EuroBasket. It was announced today (via Ian Begley) that Beno Udrih is not on Slovenia's roster for the tournament next month:

...the only big-name absences at the home EuroBasket will be those of power forward Erazem Lorbek and guard Beno Udrih.

Lorbek will miss the big event due to the fact he is still recovering from the arthroscopic surgery he had in both his knees at the end of the club season, while Udrih decided just before the start of preparations to not suit up for his nation at the EuroBasket.

Beno's not hurt or sick or anything. He's just not in the mood. What's funny is I was about to type "this is confirming what we already expected", but I'm realizing now that I heard rumors of Udrih's decision a good month ago and never brought them up here. A friend of mine returned from a trip to Europe in late July and reported that he'd met some Slovenian hostel bros who were very upset that Udrih wouldn't suit up for a tournament hosted by his home country. This conversation took place before I had any reason to care about Beno Udrih, so I forgot about it. Weeks later, I accepted that Bargnani's illness meant there would be no Knicks at EuroBasket while neglecting to mention the hearsay on which my assumption was founded. I have failed you as a reporter.

But yeah, there will be no Knicks at EuroBasket unless the roster changes or J.R. Smith is suddenly granted Latvian citizenship. No organized basketball involving Knicks until October. It's official now.

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