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Tuesday Murres



Hi friends! I have some links to share with you. Please be quiet while I am sharing links.

- Murres are auks-- relatives of these bros from a few months back-- that live in and around cold water up in the subarctic region, like the top parts of Canada. A cool thing about the Common Murre (Uria aalge): It lays eggs right on the bare edge of sea cliffs, without making a nest or anything. This may be one of the reasons a Murre egg is pear-shaped-- so a push or gust of wind would make it roll in a circle, instead of sending it straight off a cliff.

- Free agency things are as they were: Hamed Haddadi remains a possibility for that 15th roster spot. Toure' Murry (Murre? Murre'?) is still debating whether or not to accept his invite to Knicks camp. Haven't heard much about which other teams he's considering.

Tom Ziller reckons Mike Woodson has one of the hardest jobs of any coach in the NBA. I tend to agree in general, though it seems Woodson's hold on his position is a little more comfortable than that of his predecessors.

- Metta World Peace Sr.! I like his spectacles.

- Metta and a tiger!

- No seriously, please be quiet. Pipe down.

- Tim Hardaway Jr.'s signature cologne would smell "really really awesome".

- For the 24th pick, Hardaway got quite a bit of recognitionn from his fellow rookies.

- This is pertinent to our interests, I guess.

- Here's the trailer for the Linsanity documentary.

- Everyone involved in this story looks pretty dumb for said involvement.

- More great work on the life and career of Dean Meminger from Dennis D'Agostino. Update: And even more-- on a particular legendary game-- from Brian Cronin.

Those were the links. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves now.