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Thursday Satyr Tragopans



Good afternoon, good friends. I leave for a few days of wedding things (not mine) tomorrow morning, so you'll mainly hear from Joe, if anybody, over the weekend. Here are some links!

- Male Satyr Tragopans (nice pheasants from the Himalayas) are very colorful and handsome, and that's even before they do their mating displays. That's when things get nuts. I recommend watching this video through at least the 30-second mark.

- Knicks Media Day is September 30. Training camp in Greenburgh runs from October 1 to October 8. I hope to see as much of that stuff as I can.

- Here's the "everything is pretty much as it was before" update on Hamed Haddadi and Earl Barron-- two free agent big men who the Knicks may like to sign. Ivan Johnson's headed to China.

- Tim Hardaway Jr.: Tanked fan.

- This measure of "offensive burden"-- via Dan and Azaz-- is interesting and, as you might expect, includes some numbers for Carmelo Anthony.

- Bobo Sleevesman looks back at the final season of Kurt Thomas, Mad Man.

- Thank you to the keen-eyed emailer who noticed the sick Pablo Prigioni pass at the 1:07 mark of this NBA 2K14 trailer.

- The guy from Exit Through the Gift Shop made a massive Muhammad Ali portrait for Melo. It's hard for me to describe why this is funny-- you kinda just need to watch Exit Through the Gift Shop.

- I'm way more excited about what the Knicks did this offseason than Rob Mahoney is, but I still enjoyed reading this.

I hope your day has been and will continue to be wonderful. Just over a month 'til training camp.