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Video: Carmelo Anthony on this summer, next summer, his health, his camp, and other stuff

Here is a video of Melo answering questions.

Ethan Miller

There are all sorts of articles up this weekend about what Carmelo Anthony had to say at his youth camp in Queens on Saturday. Instead of sifting through links and quotes, why don't we just watch the video together? Via KnicksNow:

The accompanying article has most everything written out, plus a few more quotes we missed (Ian Begley has a bit more). Melo feels very proud of his camp and wishes he could have attended something similar as a child, he didn't want and didn't get surgery on his shoulder, he understands the irony of such a heavily tattooed person being scared of needles and the like, he's not willing to talk about next year's opt-out yet, he doesn't know what to call Metta World Peace yet, he's not working with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer, he likes all the additions, and so forth. Melo even gives us a decent version of the standard summertime "best shape of my life" proclamation. Some reporters are much taller than others. There are all different kinds of recording devices. Ian Begley's skin looks healthy. The backdrop looks dangerously close to falling sometimes, but it does not fall.