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Monday Mistletoebirds


Duncan McCaskill

Good afternoon! Welcome to another collection of Knicks links. Please remove your shirt so we can proceed.

Thank you. Now for the links!

- I chose the Mistletoebird for a few reasons: 1. Alliteration 2. The Mistletoebird is a species of flowerpecker, which means it has a crazy tongue specialized for nectar consumption (although this particular species also eats a lot of mistletoe berries, as you might have guessed). 3. Look at these babies.

- Well, we'll see soon if this amounts to summertime bluster, but Andrea Bargnani's national coach couldn't possibly be more enthusiastic about his improvement and maturation and prospects for his first season in New York.

- Happy birthday Patrick Ewing! KnicksNow put together a video of his top plays.

- 2012-2013 Rasheed Wallace, like a tank under the Christmas tree.

- One thing I keep remembering that gets me excited about the upcoming season is that this is Iman Shumpert's first real NBA summer. He mentioned to Steve Kyler that he's finally taking the opportunity to drill in-game situations at length. This pleases me.

- It appears J.R. Smith has yellow hair at this moment.

- Alan Hahn mulls the notion of the Knicks inviting seasoned veterans, as opposed to unproven younglings, to training camp.

- Thanks to abe88 for passing along this Metta World Peace radio spot, which isn't much, but somehow gave me my first real "whoa, Metta World Peace is on the Knicks" moment.

- God, I hope he goes back to "Ron Artest" at some point.

- I await an actual outcome for this, but I don't think I've linked to the New York Magazine post about Amar'e Stoudemire seeking Israeli citizenship yet.

I hope you enjoyed these links. You may put your shirt back on.