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Here are today's important images of JR Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Yellow hair, rookie photo shoots.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Hello. Later today, we will find out what the Knicks' schedule for the season will be. Right now, we have important Knicks images to inspect.

First, confirmation that JR smith did indeed dye his hair yellow like every kid did in sixth grade:

He has apparently gotten some Twitter grief over this, because:

Noted! Fine, though if she also liked this, then she might just have poor taste in hairstyles.

Meanwhile, Tim Hardaway Jr. is at the NBA rookie photo shoot, which means we have plenty of contrived and awkward images to enjoy:

I dunno, seems like an okay new look.

I initially thought Tim wasn't playing as the Knicks, but I agree with some of y'all that he doesn't appear to be playing at all. Just watching fellow NBAson Glen Rice Jr. face someone else.

Tim's a proponent of the "laugh to oneself to generate a photo-worthy smile" strategy. Sound.

I wonder which of the condiments on the condiment carousel Tim employed. Also...he's not taking a sip of juice with a mouth full of food, is he? IS HE!?

(Note Ryan doing some Knicks Kid Reporting in the background.)

These have been very important images. Thank you.