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The Knicks will hold another workout for Bobby Brown and others

Brown signed in China, but has an out clause that expires soon.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

A bit of news regarding the search for a bench guard: A kind Twitter friend pointed out that Bobby Brown is en route to New York. I thought nothing of it until moments later, when Ian Begley posted the following:

The 8/15 thing refers to the fact that Brown signed with a team in China, but has an out clause in his contract that permits him to bail and sign with an NBA team if he does so before August 15. Recall that Brown was one of several to work out for the Knicks in Las Vegas a few weeks back. No word yet on who the other two players are, but perhaps they're also call-backs from the Vegas scrimmages.

As we've discussed before, I feel somewhat familiar with Brown's game, though I certainly haven't watched him at all in a few years. He seems roughly on par with an enthusiastic little shooter like Jannero Pargo, but well below more versatile guys like Beno Udrih (who, last we heard, was still holding out hope for a better-than-minimum offer) and Delonte West (who, last we heard, was no longer a Knick target).

As a camp invite, sure. As a guaranteed signing off the bat...well, if the Knicks added Brown only to watch someone like Udrih take the minimum elsewhere, I'd be most disappointed.