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The Knicks have signed Jeremy Tyler

After a solid Summer League, he's coming to New York.


Of coooourse the Knicks do this right when the schedule gets released. It's like they only get access to the office for a few hours each week. Here's Ian Begley:

The way folks are talking about this, it sounds like a fully guaranteed veteran's minimum signing, not a mere training camp invite. No word yet on the years. I will update if I see anything and/or when I'm done eating this sandwich.

Either way, this is cool. The Knicks could use some depth up front and Tyler looked increasingly useful during Summer League play in Las Vegas. He's a strong gentleman, he rebounds and finishes splendidly, he's got some moves around the basket, and he's at least got the athletic ability to be a solid defender. I recommend looking back at Dylan's Summer League thing and the Vegas recaps to refresh your memory on what Tyler can do.

Update: Tyler's deal is for two years. I wonder if there's an option of some sort on the second one.

Update: Partial guarantee, so perhaps a non-guaranteed second year?

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