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Sean May and D.J. White are working out for the Knicks today, too

Hi Sean!

Elsa / Getty Images

We learned yesterday that Bobby Brown was on his way to New York for a second workout with the Knicks. We were told two other players would join Brown, but we weren't told which players. Here's one:

If you're about to Google "did Sean May get super cut while playing in Europe", let me save you the trouble. May hasn't played in the NBA since 2010 and I'm not quite sure how an undersized, scoring big man would fit even if he were in amazing shape, but hey, I'm inclined to trust the Knicks' European scouting staff if they think a guy is worth a look, and...ya know, it's just a workout. They've worked out a lot of guys this summer.

Now, if we can only figure out who that third guy is. Given the nature of the other two guys, I'm thinking...I dunno, Al Thornton? Joe Alexander?

Oh, never mind. It's a big man. Patrick O'Bryant?


So there's your other guy. White hasn't done much in the NBA, but at least he's been around recently.

Update again:

But WHO?