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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Knicks still prefer Udrih, but interested in Duhon

And, of course, there's the Wednesday workout. And some Jeremy Tyler contract details.


I have a nice collection of links I'd like to post, but they keep getting pushed back by these rumors! I'll just take this opportunity to update on a few ongoing free agency stories.

First, there is the search for another point guard. We know the Knicks are giving Bobby Brown a second workout today, and we're still hearing Beno Udrih is their favorite, but stays weighing options. The deadline on Brown's availability is August 15, so they're surely hoping Udrih can figure things out before then. Meanwhile, A WILD CHRIS DUHON APPEARS:

This is me scrunching up my nose and SMHing my head. This is me fully understanding Duhon is no more or less viable a third point guard option than, say, Bobby Brown (or Sebastian Telfair, while we're at it) is, but still not wanting Chris Duhon back in my life. Someone else, please. Someone worse, even. Just not Chris Duhon. (Update: Ian Begley hears a Duhon signing is "highly unlikely", which pleases me.)

One more for the guards: Woj just tweeted that the other guard at today's workout was Lester Hudson, whose NBA career has been neither productive nor stable (Update: Except, as Paul Chillsap points out, for that run of great games in 2012 that coincided inconveniently with Linsanity), but he isn't Chris Duhon, so he's got that going for him.

On the big man front, we know Sean May and D.J. White are working out with Brown, and we also now know some details of Jeremy Tyler's new contract:

This, to me, sounds like a situation similar to C.J. Leslie's. The Knicks like Tyler and have invited him to camp and expect him to make the team, but if he plays like dog ass in training camp or falls out of favor before that mysterious "certain date", the Knicks can just cut him. On the other hand, if he's great and the Knicks want to keep him around next season, they can do that with ease.

So, in counting off the Knicks' roster, I'd include Tyler (bringing it to 13), but maybe keep his name in pencil for now. Heavy pencil. Like, you can push down really hard, or maybe use a golf pencil so that if you wanted to erase you'd really have to go out of your way. Pencil, though.