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Thursday Western Grey Plantain-Eaters


Neil T

Good afternoon, friends. Here are a few links with which you can wash down today's Beno Udrih news:

- I picked one of the two species of Plantain-Eaters because: 1. Like I've said before, I like animals named for what they eat without any subtlety and would like to be called Seth the Pizza-Eater. (Some birds are named after their sounds, and if that was the case, the Plantain-Eater would be called the cow, at least based on what Wikipedia says). 2. I ate some plantains yesterday and they were good, so right now I'm feeling what the Plantain-Eater feels when it eats a plantain. Here's a video.

- Tim Hardaway Jr.'s been seen still wearing that wrist brace, but he says it's nothing and he'll be ready for camp and stuff. May he rest in peace.

- Mentioned this earlier, but the Beno Udrih addition only crystallizes the likelihood of the Knicks being a poor perimeter defensive team once more. Whatever. Perimeter D is for chumps.

- Toure' Murry's going to look around a bit before he accepts the camp invite from the Knicks, which makes sense. Gotta see if a decent Summer League performance can get him a shot with a shallower team before he tries out to be part of the Knicks' increasingly full backcourt.

- Back when we had the P&T Knicktion contest, I rejected this piece by Jim Cavan because it was just too sexy for P&T. I'm very happy to see it found a home a couple years later.

- J.R. Smith had his charity golf outing today. Some things said: Mike Woodson's making sure he doesn't show up to work with that yellow hair. He's still shooting for opening night, though there's no official timetable for his knee recovery. He still wants to retire a Knick.

- Speaking of the hair's Metta!

These have been the links. Enjoy your Thursday afternoon. I'm going outside!