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Watch "Pablo Prigioni: The Pest"

So much sneaking.


Whilst collecting odds and ends for a links post to come, I found an odd (or is it an end?) that deserves its own special place. My friends Mike Prada and Drew Garrison are working on a massive, video-laden NBA preview project that'll roll out next month, and Mike teased his contributions this morning with a video of Pablo Prigioni, renowned sneaker and basketball thief. It's like the feature-length version of our video from late last season.

Take a few minutes out of your day to bathe your eyes in ¡Pablocura!. You won't regret it, even if this video inspires you to swipe coworkers' coffee mugs out of their hands, eventually losing you your job:

I am so tired of waiting. I want Pablo and his thievery back in my life this instant. I've been wandering the streets of New York loosely gripping a basketball in hopes that Pablo might spring out from behind a dumpster and dispossess me.

But yeah, look forward to that Prada/Garrison series in a few weeks. It's gonna be coOOOoool.