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Friday Fire-Tufted Barbets


Doug Janson

Hey. Happy Friday to ya. I hope you are in good spirits. I must be quick, but I do have some links to usher you forth into the weekend.

- I don't have any special information to share about Fire-tufted Barbets besides: 1. They look very cool. 2. They make cool machine-like sounds. They're related to woodpeckers and toucans and they live in Southeast Asia. Good dogs.

- Yeah, Carmelo Anthony said he's "not going nowhere". That was nice of him to say! The double negative jokes have already been made.

- As is his wont, Alan Hahn steps back and issues a clear summary of the fringes of the Knicks' salary total. Once again, they did a very nice job filling in cracks.

- I haven't been able to find any follow-up detail, but Knicks trainer Dave Hancock spoke at this conference yesterday. (That J.R. bit is a joke...I think?)

- Charlie Widdoes on Amar'e Stoudemire's quest to remain effective while respecting his defectiveness. (Rap that sentence.)

- Because the world exists only to torment us, you can guide LeBron James to the Knicks (like, even more dramatically than you normally could) in the new 2K game.

- Dylan already took a shot at analyzing Amar'e's post game, but Brett Koremenos wonders if, overall, Hakeem Olauwon's pricy tutelage is worthwhile.

Those are today's links! [Bows, sprints off into the distance].