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Zwerling: Josh Powell will come to training camp with the Knicks

That's 17.

Kevin C. Cox

Ten guys came to Greenburgh this week for a "free agent mini-camp", and at least one of them managed to make an impression. Jared Zwerling reports that 30 year-old forward Josh Powell will come to camp with the Knicks:

You remember Josh Powell, right? He got minutes for the Clippers and Lakers for a couple years, but has been out of the league-- in China, Puerto Rico, then Greece-- since 2011. He's 6'9-ish and viable at either forward spot, and he is indeed a decent rebounder, though not really someone I think of as a big man. The word that comes to mind is "adequate", though as I wrote that, someone who watched him in Europe suggested otherwise on my Twitter feed. As potential 15th men go, Josh Powell know...he's fine. He's Josh Powell.

The Knicks are now up to 17 non- or partially-guaranteed (cut-able in both instances) camp invites. Beyond the 12 guaranteed contracts, they've got two guards (Toure' Murry and Chris Smith), two medium-bigs (Powell and C.J. Leslie, a couple o' Packwolves), and one true but injured big man in Jeremy Tyler. With up to three invitations remaining, I hope the Knicks can give another someone closer to Tyler's size a shot.

Hope you're having a good weekend, mummies.