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Ike Diogu will come to camp with the Knicks

That's 18.

Scenes from next week!
Scenes from next week!
Mike Hewitt

With just a week 'til media day (!!!), the Knicks have nearly completed their training camp roster. One more name bubbled forth this morning, and it's another from last week's "free agent mini-camp":

Diogu is, to me, a slightly bigger and more appealing version of the recently-added Josh Powell. His NBA minutes have dwindled consistently since the Warriors took him with a lottery pick in 2005, and he's been bouncing back and forth between Puerto Rico and China (a mighty long distance to bounce) for the last two years. He's had his moments for the Nigerian national team, too, both in London last year and at AfroBasket this summer.

Diogu's about Kenyon Martin-sized, with long-ass arms (normal-sized ass-arms) and numbers that suggest he could grab a few rebounds if called upon. And the hot tub ladies <3 him, so there's that. I wouldn't mind Ike Diogu as the Knicks' 15th man. Not one bit. Who am I to disagree with the hot tub ladies?

18 men have now been invited to training camp. Two more can come if the Knicks so choose, so you still have a chance.

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