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Cole Aldrich will come to camp with the Knicks

That's 19.


Man, the free agent mini-camp last week was productive! The Knicks just announced that they've signed a third player from that workout: Cole Aldrich, who had a call-back workout at some point this week. The Knicks didn't say so in their press release, but Al Iannazzone reports the deal is the normal non-guaranteed training camp type.

Aldrich came into the league in 2010 with knee issues and hasn't been able to stick anywhere since. He figures to have a good shot of making the Knicks simply because there's nobody quite like him on the non-guaranteed aspect of the roster. He's genuinely 7 feet tall and unmistakably a center with nice rebounding/finishing/shot-blocking numbers in the few NBA minutes he's played. I'm glad the Knicks found a guy like that for camp. You can get away with playing undersized centers, but it's nice to have some real size at your disposal. A 24 year-old 7-footer drafted 11th overall three years ago is absolutely worth a try.

The Knicks now have 19 guys signed up for training camp, so they're allowed to add one more if they please. The battle for the last three spots on this team should get suuuuper competitive. I am excited.

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