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The Knicks and Nets will co-host All-Star Weekend 2015

Friday and Saturday at Barclays, Sunday at MSG.


We've been hearing for a while that New York would get an upcoming All-Star Weekend or two, and reports suggest the details of the soonest one will be announced today. According to Fred Kerber (well, according to everyone, but I saw Kerber's report first), All-Star Weekend 2015 will start at Barclays Center and carry on there through Friday and Saturday, then finish with the game itself on Sunday at Madison Square Garden:

The All-Star Game will be played at Madison Square Garden while the Nets’ Barclays Center home will house the other festivities — such as the dunk, 3-point shootout and skills competitions. While the idea of the two teams sharing the weekend was openly discussed in February, how the event would be shared was not. The Post last month reported the Knicks would get the game while the Nets would house the other events.

Kerber says a "major" press conference is scheduled for today, so you can expect that to be this announcement. Note that New York is supposed to get another All-Star thing in 2017 or 2018, perhaps reversing the location of the events.

Cool. All these things are too far in the future to interest me. We may not even be ALIVE then, man.

(Thanks to JohnCassillo for Fanshotting this last night.)

Update: It's official.