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Knicks replace Glen Grunwald with Steve Mills



I don't even understand what this stuff means, but on its rather vague face, it seems bizarre and inexplicable:

Let's wait. Let's just wait and see what this is. If it's the Knicks firing or demoting Daddy Grun, then that is outright bananas.

Two quick things about Steve Mills: 1. He was a candidate to head the players' union for a while. 2. He was-- I'm pretty sure-- always around the team (and in Knicks garb) during Summer League, even though he is not listed as a member of the front office anymore.

I will add updates as I see them. This has the makings of something bizarre, but I will wait.


Okay, so...why? And why now? And what of Grunwald

Update (12:07 PM): Stein:

"It was not immediately clear, sources said, if Grunwald would be fired or simply reassigned to a support role."

Update (12:10 PM): From the press release:

The New York Knickerbockers announced today that Steve Mills, who previously served as a key executive with the Knicks for 10 years, has been named the team’s president and general manager. Mills replaces Glen Grunwald, who will remain with the organization as an advisor.

The Knicks!

I wonder if we'll get a clear answer on whether this was Grunwald's idea or the Knicks' idea. If it's the latter: 1. Why? 2. Why on EARTH right now?

Update (12:20 PM): The background on Mills, if you've forgotten:

Mills was initially hired as Dave Checketts's right-hand man in 1999, and bounced around the organization (including a stint as Executive VP, a title he's re-assuming) in the ensuing ten years. After leaving the Knicks following a demotion in 2009, he worked for Magic Johnson Enterprises, the company that recommended Isiah Thomas to Mills (who hired him, of course) in 2003. And one more thing, for those of us still wondering if this was Daddy Grun's idea:

So, uh, if this was Dolan's doing, why would he do it on September 26, days before media day and training camp? Also, why would he do it in the first place?