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The Knicks will add Justin Brownlee to complete their training camp roster

That's 20!

Chris Trotman

Look at Steve Mills! Wheeling and dealing as new Knicks GM! Slow down, buddy! First, the Knicks made official their non-guaranteed training camp signing of Ike Diogu this evening, then, according to Jared Zwerling, they rounded out the camp roster with a two-time Vegas summer-leaguer who came in for a workout last week:

Brownlee is a relatively nondescript young forward who, well, I don't think he's going to make the team. But good luck, Justin!

That's 20. The Knicks' training camp roster is set. The Knicks have 12 guys locked into guaranteed deals, and the following eight vying for the final three roster spots:

- Chris Smith

- Toure' Murry

- C.J. Leslie

- Brownlee

- Josh Powell

- Jeremy Tyler (injured)

- Ike Diogu

- Cole Aldrich

Training camp begins next week, with media day on Monday. We'll cover the whole thing-- including the battles for those last few spots-- as best we can from afar. In the meantime, there's still some Glen Grunwald firing fallout to get to. Tomorrow.

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