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Tuesday Burrowing Owls



Good afternoon, sweethearts. I hope you had as lovely a Labor Day weekend as I did. To make yet another day of waiting for basketball pass a bit more quickly, I've collected some links. I hope you find them appetizing.

- Burrowing owls are named for their underground nesting habits (they fill their burrows with poop! Mammal poop!). You may recognize the fellow above if you have seen/read Hoot, are familiar with all the owls of Ga'Hoole, or just live in the Southwest.

- My friend Matt Tynan came to me predicting that Andrea Bargnani would be third on the Knicks in scoring and that the Knicks would win the Atlantic Division. I thought about those predictions and judged both of them to be pretty plausible.

- Charlie Widdoes assesses the Knicks' chances of matching, or at least, nearing, the record-setting three-point total they reached last season.

- For the statistically inclined: A look at the difference in usage/efficiency between Dwight Howard and Tyson Chandler.

- Buried beneath the "Person Says Thing" stuff in this article, J.R. Smith provides some updates on his recovery after knee surgery. It's hard to get a sense of J.R.'s progress/timetable from this, but it's nice to hear from him (and on subjects that actually matter to the Knicks).

- Ian Begley hears the Knicks aren't actually that into Hamed Haddadi, for whatever that's worth. :(

- A gloomier forecast of Andrea Bargnani's forthcoming Knicks tenure. At this point, I can't even think thoughts about Bargnani. I'm just gonna wait until the man starts playing basketball.

- Carmelo Anthony catching a fish with his hands (somewhere, Josh Harrellson grins). Melo saw a whale, too!

- I can't figure out exactly what's being measured here, but the Knicks suck at it. Or is it us?

- Beno & Herb & Babies & Trophies

That's all I've got at the moment. Be well!