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The Knicks picked up Mike Woodson's 2014-2015 contract option

That was quick!

Jeff Zelevansky

Hey, here's a thing to lead us into media day (which just started). From the Knicks' press release:

New York Knickerbockers President and General Manager Steve Mills announced today that the team has picked up the option on Head Coach Mike Woodson’s contract for the 2014-15 season. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Look, Steve Mills talking!

"I have long respected Mike and think he has done a remarkable job since becoming the head coach of the Knicks," Mills said. "After spending time with him recently, it is clear that picking up his option is an easy decision."

As soon as Glen Grunwald got booted, there were rumblings about Mike Woodson's job being in peril. Woodson reportedly has close ties to Daddy Grun, and the departure of that ally seemed to add some precariousness to the final guaranteed year of his coaching contract.

Nope! At least not for now. Woodson is also a CAA man and a pretty successful coach, and some combination of those things will keep him under contract until the supposed big free agency summer of 2015.

And that's fine with me! Woodson's alarmed and puzzled us before-- the abortion of the entire Knicks blueprint during the Pacers series stands out-- but he's made some creative, positive moves and won quite a few games in a year and change. Plus he's just so weird and fuzzy and likeable, and that matters to me, too. It's also kind to give a guy some security and deny the media any extra opportunities to raise doubt about his job status (Update: I'm already seeing tweets to the effect of "they can still fire him whenever", which is true, but I regard this as a meaningful gesture of support. They didn't have to do it at all). Cool. Keep improving and adapting, beardface.

Well played, Mills? I guess?