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Amar'e Stoudemire hopes to be ready by the end of training camp

Oh, STAT, if only we could trade knees...

Rob Carr

It's the start of training camp -- a time for excitement and optimism. Sadly, however, the one Knick who seems the least excited is the same man who single-handedly created the word "phenomenal."

Now that the world knows of his clandestine offseason knee operation, Amar'e Stoudemire is talking to the media about his recovery plan.

End of training camp? That doesn't sound too bad. But is it realistic?

OK, there are a few things here. First of all, where can I get one of them low gravity treadmills? They sound awesome. Can you jump really high on 'em? Secondly, if Amar'e is just starting with pool workouts, then coming back by the end of training camp doesn't sound like a very realistic timetable.

Expect Amar'e and the Knicks to tread cautiously here. If they need a reminder of just how delicate this situation is, they can simply look back to last preseason, when Amar'e practiced, played, and immediately burst a knee cyst, keeping him out until January.

If any silver lining can be found in this tale of knee woe, it's the fact that Amar'e seems to have accepted his limitations and hopes to play within them.

The only thing worse than a woefully diminished star player is a woefully diminished star player who can't accept his diminished abilities and learn to help his team as best he can -- see: "Iverson, Allen and Arenas, Gilbert". STAT knows that he can no longer go above the 20-25 minutes mark, and that the team doesn't really need him to. Here's hoping he can find a satisfying role with the team that keeps him out of the trainer's room.

More from media day coming this afternoon.