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Notes and quotes from Knicks Media Day

They want to win a championship this year!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! I wasn't credentialed for Media Day this year, but a lot of other people were, and here's what they heard:

- From Marc Berman: Andrea Bargnani is healthy if not quite in game shape, and J.R. Smith claims he held off on knee surgery because he wanted to get paid first, which is his prerogative, and would have saved he and the Knicks some flak if someone had just made that clear in the first place.

- The Knicks are still shooting to have J.R. ready as soon as his suspension is up:

- Other guys who were nursing injuries over the summer are now fine:

- Joe already covered Amar'e Stoudemire's limited training camp activity, and Ian Begley hears Kenyon Martin may get similar treatment, though the reasoning isn't clear. Could just be precaution:

- It looks more and more like Amar'e's serious about this headband thing.

- Tyson Chandler claims his game has evolved a bit and Carmelo Anthony says his hasn't:

I would not be surprised if they both prove themselves wrong.

- From Ian Begley, Melo didn't want to talk about next year's free agency. Steve Mills had the following to say:

- And Woody still won't give any clues about potential lineups:

- Metta World Peace stole Charlie's banana:

- And my favorite note of the day:

For real.

- Some more good photos: Metta World Peace crackin' Raymond Felton up til his head falls off, this little couplet, and MetaBeno!

That's pretty much all I've got. I'll post a bit more in the morning, and I encourage you to share any other bits and pieces you saw yourself. Tomorrow: BASKETBALL.

In the meantime: I'm doing a Spreecast with Anthony Donahue tonight! 9 PM!