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Stein: Toure' Murry has accepted the Knicks' camp invite



And then there were 16! Toure' Murry, by far the most impressive guard on New York's Las Vegas Summer League squad, has reportedly accepted a long-tabled training camp invite from the Knicks:

That's pretty cool of Toure'! Honestly, camp with the Knicks doesn't strike me as the wisest choice for a fringe guard-- they've got 14 spots at least penciled in (including three point guards) plus a Knick blood relative in the fold-- but I'm happy Murry's going to give it a shot. He showed a really nice, well-rounded guard game in Vegas. Nothing too extraordinary-- just solid driving ability, sound decisions in the pick-and-roll, and the size to cause trouble on defense. Really nice things. Nice. This pleases me.

Daddy Grun has four training camp spots left to give out. Think anyone else from the Summer League squad deserves an invite?

Update: Here's Stein's full story, including the notion that Walt Frazier's encouragement may have contributed to Murry's decision!