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Jeremy Tyler had foot surgery, out 8-10 weeks



So, perhaps this explains the Toure' Murry decision a little bit: The Knicks just revealed that Jeremy Tyler got some foot surgery today. It'll keep him off the floor for around two months:

Two months from today is November 5, which is already a few games into the regular season, and that's the best case scenario the Knicks giving us right now. Without an opportunity to work him up to speed in training camp and preseason, New York may opt to release Tyler and his non-guaranteed two-year deal, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

The way the roster currently stands, Tyler looked to have a solid chance of earning one of 15 roster spots and acting as an end-of-the-bench utility big fellow. Without Tyler, the list of guys who could comfortably defend the five is down to pretty much Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin, give or take an Amar'e/Bargnani. I thought the Knicks could use another big man before, and now I think they could definitely use another big man.

Bummer for Tyler, who had some promising moments in Vegas and is just a likeable sort overall. Best of luck in your recovery, Jeremy.

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