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Friday Willie Wagtails


Duncan McCaskill

Good day, nucleotides. I'll have some hot fire from Dylan Murphy up for you in the near future, but only if you finish your links. I want to see a clean link plate when you're done, missy.

- Willie Wagtails aren't true wagtails. They're fantails that live in Australia. (True to name, wagtails wag their tails, while fantails fan their tails to display). In this case, alliteration and cuteness won out over taxonomic accuracy, I guess. I'm for it, because I'm always for animal names that sound like nicknames for weird perverted guys. Anyway, here's a wonderful video of a very charming Willie Wagtail singing and helping this guy tend to his garden. Domingo is fascinated by this video.

- Cool interview with Toure' Murry explaining why he chose the Knicks over the Heat.

- Percentage-wise, Carmelo Anthony was one of the worst layer-uppers in the league last season, though Ethan Strauss points out, as any of us would, that he's prone to just getting the ball on the rim so he can get a clean look at a put-back. He neglected to mention that Melo NEVER GETS CALLS EVER THIS IS BULLSHIT.

- Beno Udrih already knows exactly what it takes to be a Knick: PREDICTIN' SHIT.

- Metta World Peace things: 1. Sex puts Metta to sleep. 2. Metta puts sunscreen on his nipples (along with a classic Marbury-ism). This has been Metta World Peace things.

- Bernard King reflects with Steve Serby before his Hall of Fame induction.

- Jeremy Conlin tries his hand at some Knick triads that would work alongside an Andrea Bargnani/Amar'e Stoudemire frontcourt.  :)

- Crazy Clyde painting within.

- BayHawks schedule! GUYS! BAYHAWKS SCHEDULE!

- Tyson Chandler was at the US Open last night. I saw it. I saw it on the TV.

- Good discussion going on in the comments of xcdudesquad's Melo at the 4 Fanpost. Said this the other day, but if you're writing what becomes a really long comment-- on-topic or not-- consider making it a Fanpost!

Have a pleasant afternoon!