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J.R. Smith will be suspended for violating the substance abuse policy

Five games, perhaps.

Jared Wickerham

It was such a nice, quiet Friday. Now there is news:

Isola suggests the relatively minor five-game suspension marks this as a likely positive marijuana test and nothing too scary (though...does the league test for weed in the offseason??), which-- and this is just a personal opinion-- would be the difference to me between "J.R. has a problem" and "J.R. needs to be a little smarter about his reefer smokings and/or the league got him on purpose to set an example". Anyway, I hope it really is just weed. Glad it's not a PED or anything.

Remember that J.R. already might miss some time recovering from his knee surgery. This will, I suppose, tack on a few extra games of absence, which is kinda nice in a way. That is unless the Knicks can game the system by "activating" him when he's not quite ready just so he can take the suspension during games he'd miss anyway. Not really sure how that'll work. (Update: Some people assure me the league will be watching closely and would absolutely interfere if they suspected the Knicks were being sketchy. J.R. will miss time once he's healthy.)

Anyway uhhhh don't do drugs. Updates as they come.

Update: The league made their announcement. It is, indeed, a five-game suspension. Almost certainly weed.

Update: Woj confirms it was weed. I don't know how NBA players typically get around drug-testing, but J.R.'s clearly gotta do better at it.

Update: According to Isola, a suspension means a third positive test. I don't recall J.R. ever getting fined for pot use, at least not as a Knick. Either way, again: gotta be more careful. Or just don't smoke weed.

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