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Monday Antarctic Prions


Liam Quinn

Hey there. I hope you had a pleasant weekend filled with tummy rubs. It's time for links!

- Prions are weird little seabirds living around Antarctica. The species known as the Antarctic Prion-- Pachyptila desolata-- is the biggest of the bunch. Prions filter-feed kinda like baleen whales do, skimming the water for tasty plankton. Because that sort of feeding results in a lot of saltwater intake, prions (and some other seabirds) have special glands like sharks do to excrete all that extra salt. (Although these birds have the glands on their beaks. Sharks shoot salt out their butts.)

- This is probably already somewhat evident, but our beloved Joe Flynn is *officially* going to have a bigger role at P&T this season-- more of the same analysis you love and fear, plus contributions on the news/recap side of things and some new projects involving both of us. You can also look forward to plenty more KnicksTape-y posts from Dylan. It's gonna be a great year.

- On that note, we just realized that earlier this summer, Pablo Prigioni discussed Joe's classic "Keep Pablo" post in an Argentine TV interview. I've listened to the section around 7:45 forward a dozen times now and done my best to translate for Joe, but please: If you speak fluent Spanish, take a few minutes and let us know exactly what's being said around that point in the interview.

- Knicks have already begun to show up at the practice facility in Greenburgh.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. on the college football show! Tim Hardaway Jr. dunking!

- Pieces on the Hall of Fame inductions of Richie Guerin and Bernard King.

- The King's Speech!

- If Dennis Rodman has his way, Kim Jong-un is going to come to a Knicks game at some point. Mmhmm.

- Chris Smith has a tattoo of J.R. Smith on his back, which is nice. I don't have a tattoo of my brother on my back.

- On that note, happy birthday to J.R.! And also to my mom! Happy birthday to my parents, J.R. and Mom!

Those are your links! Mail me sandwiches!