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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks beat the Heat. It was clean, it was convincing, it was wonderful. Here's a recap I wrote about it. That game was chock full o' moments that deserve re-watching, so here's a mini museum of them. TO THE FILES:


That's a lovely pick-and-roll and a grave mistake by LeBron James. You give Andrea Bargnani that shot. Don't make him put the ball on the floor. DON'T MAKE HIM PUNISH YOU.


Carmelo Anthony has a sneaky way of propelling his first step off his non-pivot foot. I don't know if that should be a travel or whatever but it gets him places.


That's a wonderful pass by Melo to Raymond Felton cutting over a sound Amar'e Stoudemire screen, but how about that set! That's neat! I love using Melo as a creator at the end of a game like that, and I love using Felton's straight-to-the-rim speed off the ball. And if the help arrived faster, he had his shooters on the weak side. Iman Shumpert would have hit that. . And then he would have done:

(Update: Doobz rightly suggests this could be improvisation, not a set play, in which case NICEIMPROVISATION.MOV. A lovely read.)



Shump's out there playing pick-up and he just realized he still has his phone in his pocket. Game got a bit more lively than he expected. Thank you, @cjzero.

Spike Lee really did look like the Fresh Prince's mom last night.

Looked like Spike got LeBron a bit riled up, too. I'm glad that didn't kill the Knicks. I wish Spike wouldn't insert himself into the game so much.



[every muscle in my body contracts with each word]: THAT. IS. HOW. YOU. PLAY. NNNUHHNNGGGHHH. BASKETBALL. [passes out]

Thanks to Ruka35 for finding that one.


And now the one GIF to rule them all:


Did you know pretty much all SB Nation GIFs are made by a friendly gentleman named Clay? It's true. He posts them all on this Twitter account. He's a wonderful guy. Also a wonderful guy: Tim Hardaway Jr.

:) Good shit, Knicks.