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Stein: Knicks interested in Andre Miller, turning away offers for Tyson Chandler

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Nothing much doin'.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you want J.R. Smith stuff, there is J.R. Smith stuff. No word yet on whether he'll play tonight. Doesn't matter that much, but we'll hopefully have an update by tip-off/game thread o' clock. In the meantime, Marc Stein mentioned the Knicks a couple times in his most recent "trade dispatch":

The Knicks are now said to want to work their way into the bidding for Denver's very available Andre Miller, but the same problem that doomed New York in the Lowry chase a month ago -- limited assets to offer -- doesn't bring much hope.

The Knicks continue to get calls for center Tyson Chandler and, according to sources close to the situation, continue to scoff at every one. New York, to this point, has no interest in parting with its defensive anchor.

That's a "good" and "good" for me. "Good" in that I don't want 37-year-old, not-so-much-better-than-the-Knicks'-point-guards-to-be-worth-sacrificing-assets-even-if-it-doesn't-take-that-much-to-acquire-a-guy-who-cursed-out-his-coach Andre Miller on the Knicks, so I'm happy it's a hopeless endeavor (and "want to work their way into the bidding" isn't much anyway). And "good" in that I want Tyson Chandler on the Knicks and I'm glad the Knicks do, too.

It's funny to even have the prospect of trades cross my mind again, because I'd kinda forgotten about that possibility. The Knicks trading Iman Shumpert sounded like SUCH a sure thing and the trade for Kyle Lowry sounded like SUCH a thing for a while there, but both rumors have abated. I guess some false starts and wins and just the passage of time can do that. There's still over a month until the trade deadline for things to change.