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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Suns- 1/13/14

Four games in five nights starts Monday night in New York.


Good evening! Tonight begins a tough, critical stretch for the Knicks. They'll play the first of four games in five nights against the visiting Suns, who are pretty fun and good, but just 2-4 since losing Eric Bledsoe. Here's what's up with New York:

(Chandler could return on Tuesday. It's been bronchitis, by the way.)

These are the things. The Knicks could reach a FIVE-GAME winning streak if they top the Suns tonight, which is pretty crazy. I hope they do it. I like five-game winning streaks almost as much as six-game winning streaks.

This is your game thread for a 7:30 tip. This is Bright Side of the Sun. Please don't post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Go the Knicks!