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Final Score: Knicks 98, Suns 96 (OT)


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

FIVE STRAIGHT. 2014's pretty cool, y'all.

That game got gross. It did. The Knicks built a big lead despite an uncharacteristic excess of turnovers and surrendered field goal attempts. After a while, the Suns finally made good on those excess attempts against New York's switchin', penetration-ignorin' FARTDOG, marching to the rim over and over to undo all of New York's lead-building work..

But they made some damn plays down the stretch! They failed to make some plays, too-- Carmelo Anthony in particular heaved up a bunch of garbage at the ends of regulation in OT-- but mostly they made some plays. Melo drove and dished to a huuuuuge Raymond Felton corner three toward the end of regulation and Felton perrrrrfectly gave a foul to avoid disaster with the Knicks up three late in overtime. Much, much better start to a four-in-five-nights stretch than a crippling overtime collapse. And yes, there's another game tomorrow.

Whooole lot to talk about out of that one. I'll have a recap up tomorrow, probably. PLAYOFFS YOU GUYS PLAYOOOOOFFFFFS WE GOIN' TO THE SHIP