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Pacers 117, Knicks 89

Well there goes that.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Awwwww, they suck again. The Knicks kept up with the Pacers for a quarter, but then Carmelo Anthony fell off his 70-point-game pace and things went Chinua Achebe pretty fast. The Pacers locked up Melo, the Knicks just kinda stopped passing *to* each other, and FARTDOG's gracious transition defense let the Pacers walk to the rim. Lance Stephenson embarrassed everyone and made me want to flick him in his stupid mouth.

Oh, and just for fun, Kenyon Martin turned his ankle again and Amar'e Stoudemire sprained his, too. The latter's X-rays were negative (MRI will reveal more, I imagine). The former was shown soaking his feet in a mop bucket in the locker room. At least J.R. Smith hit some shots in his return? And Jeremy Tyler put up DOMINANT GARBAGE TIME STATS again? Eh?

Yeah. I am crestfallen. That's your recap. Clippers tomorrow, which doesn't seem fair. Updates on the injuries as they come.

Here, have some sea lions: