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Everybody on the Knicks is hurt

(Updates on Stoudemire, Martin, and Hardaway)

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks didn't just lose in the basketball points game Thursday night; they also lost in the not suffering trauma to important basketball-playing parts of their bodies game. Pablo Prigioni was already taking another day to rest his mending toe, Tyson Chandler still looked mucous-logged, and a couple more friends went down with injuries.

First, Kenyon Martin suffered his semi-regular ankle sprain. Later, Amar'e Stoudemire landed on someone's foot and went down with an ankle sprain of his own. Then Tim Hardaway Jr. took a tumble and landed on the left wrist that had bothered him over the summer. Updates on all three from last night:

So if Martin and Stoudemire are both out and Chandler is still playing short stints... TYLER TIME TYLER TIME TYLER TIME TYLER TIME TYLER TIME


Let Jeremy Tyler spin. For real. None of this garbage time nonsense. The brokedown Knicks may or may not put up a fight against the Clippers in a SEGABABA. Let's at least have some fun and let the kid try some dunkings. Let him run with Toure' Murry, too. Please, Knicks. I beg you. You can lose, but please don't slide back into monotony.