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Pablo Prigioni will return Monday, and might even start

Bienvenida de nuevo!


Pablo Prigioni broke his toe just over a month ago against the Wizards. Life has been bleak since. The Knicks have had winning stretches, but with too little backcourt sneaking and too much saying of all the secrets. At last, it looks Pablo will return for Monday's MLK Day matinee against the Nets:

Regarding that second part: oh word!? There had been suggestion that Woodson might switch to a smaller starting lineup, so I assume is this "maybe" lineup is Pablo starting alongside Raymond Felton, not in place of him. It's baffling that we haven't seen last year's eventual starting line up-- the Ray-Pablo-Shump-Melo-Chandler grouping-- at all this season, and I reckon it's worth a try. It was worth a try in November, and it's still worth a try. Worst that happens is they lose a lot (so, nothing). Go for it, Woody!