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Dog Playdate Knicks Podcast: Episode 4

Poop water.

Good Thursday, friends. The Knicks get back to playing basketball in San Antonio tonight. Before that happens, here is an opportunity to listen to me and netw3rk share a late-night groan about the Knicks over Skype. We talked very, very vaguely about the last few games, and mostly focused on the awkwardness of watching the Knicks at family gatherings, clogging toilets with poop, and firing guns, plus a few other bits of recent Knicks news (the Chris Smith cut and Jeremy Tyler signing, the Carmelo Anthony "glazed donut" masterpiece, etc.)

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I hope the episode is to your liking. The podcast has been submitted to iTunes, so it-- or at least this episode and the last one-- should be available there in the near future, with subsequent episodes appearing there automatically.

I hope you've all had excellent holidays, and I hope 2014 brings us more stuff like the beginning of 2013 and less stuff like the end of it.