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Begley: Beno Udrih has requested a trade

K, see ya.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This just went up on Twitter (report to come) from Ian Begley:

It's funny, because I just thought for the first time a few hours ago that it was weird nobody had pushed to be traded yet. And here's Beno. It makes sense. Beno's been jerked this way and that in Mike Woodson's rotation, always being told to run the offense alone after the Knicks reportedly pushed their two-point-guard look while trying to sign him. And, ya know, the team is terrible and Woodson has, on at least one occasion, placed undeserved blame on him. And he's been playing pretty badly. And Toure' Murry has, at times (and deservedly), jumped him in the rotation. And now Pablo Prigioni's back, too. I'd also want a change of scenery.

What could the Knicks get in a trade for Beno? He's on a one-year deal for around $900,000, so just another minimum player or two, or perhaps a second-rounder or something. And that'd be fine with me. Especially without much tandem action, the Knicks have plenty of point guards without Beno.

So, there's a potential move to come. Not necessarily the one we're looking for, but something. Maybe. Sorry it didn't work out, Beno. I had such high hopes for us.