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Tuesday Hairy Frogfish


Silke Baron

Good day! Unfortunately, no one has done Knicks fans the favor of just excising the franchise from the NBA and starting anew, so here are some links about the Knicks.

- Oh cool it's some coral. Oh, and there's a worm floating nearby! I'll go eat that worm. WAIT THE CORAL IS WALKING. WAIT, IT'S EATING ME AHHHHHH" - Fish that fall victim to the Hairy Frogfish, which is my favorite fish after I watched a show about it the other day.

Mike Vaccaro put together a decent summary of the hardly veiled Mike Woodson-killing that went on in the Knicks locker room (mostly courtesy of Tyson Chandler) after the loss to the Nets. You can watch and listen for yourself here.

- The Knicks are reportedly amenable to cutting ties with Beno Udrih, like he wants. Just a matter of how.

- Speaking of cutting ties, here's Dan saying the Knicks ought to cut ties with Chandler and Jimothy saying the Knicks ought to cut ties with J.R. Smith. And here's the most recent thing on Carmelo Anthony's frustration and the possibility of Melo trade from Frank Isola (also click for unironic use of the phrase "information age"). Just cut all ties. DESTROY THE KNICKS.

- Not really joking.

- Guessssss who leads Tom Ziller's rundown of "The 7 most desperate NBA teams as the trade deadline approaches"?

- I will admit to laughing a little at Tim Legler's emojification of sad Melo yesterday.

- A couple days old, but Scott Cacciola's piece on garbage time, including interviews with the guys who populate it, was great stuff.

- Today I learned the Knicks' old timekeeper was nicknamed "Feets" (may he rest in peace).

- A bit obsolete after the last game, but the Ed Kupfer graphs are none too kind to the Knicks this year.

- I support Joe's Pablo Prigioni and Brothers Smith reality show ideas FULLY.

- Update: Good thing on the new turnover problem.

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday. Be careful out on the streets. It's slippery. Well, here it is.