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Final Score: 76ers 110, Knicks 106

This is the worst.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


Some Knicks actually generated some positive offensive performances tonight. Carmelo Anthony picked up from a slow start to score 28, including six threes. Andrea Bargnani, wildly ambitious crashes aside, did a nice job putting the ball on the floor and scored 20 on 12 shots. Iman Shumpert had a lovely night shooting from outside and an uncharacteristically productive night from the free throw line, too. They played fine at that end.

...which only underscores how thorougly pukish their defense is. Just a cauldron of undiluted swamp muck. They gave up everything. The rotations are like some sort of fifth-grade math word problem. If Iman thinks Carmelo should be guarding Evan and Carmelo thinks Tyson should be guarding Evan and Tyson thinks Iman should be guarding Evan, then who is actually guarding Evan? NOBODY. NOBODY EVER. (Evan Turner scored a career-high 34 courtesy of FARTDOG). This constant cascade of guys helping when they shouldn't and not helping when they should allows everything. I really mean everything. The Sixers couldn't score this well in an empty gym. They are the second-worst offensive team in the whole NBA. They are barely trying to win, if at all. And yet they shot great from downtown, got to the rim in transition, got to the line, and got offensive rebounds. There are no other things. That's not getting hot or attacking a weakness. That's morphing from an everyday trainwreck into a fucking powerhouse for a night because the Knicks are THAT bad defensively. It's not defending, really. The Knicks enable. They embolden. They enhance.

I hate these Knicks. Destroy them.